Friday, 19 December 2014

Are Trustpilot reviews reliable?

This is a very good question and one that has been bothering me for a while.  Having done quite a bit of research into Trustpilot and I think that probably the biggest single problem with the website is that they take money from companies and then allow those companies to control the comments/complaints against them.  This leads to a disproportionate amount of complaints or bad reviews being completely removed.

Now I'm not saying that every company that is reviewed on Trustpilot is necessarily having this influence over the content but certainly some are.  I think that unless there was some clear breach of the law, Trustpilot would be better placed to allow all review to remain and then allow the company to post their side of the story (as we know there are always two sides).

To get a feel of what I am talking about I have been researching a UK Company Universal Utilities Ltd (T/A Unicom) and here are the results of two different review websites: -

This ‘Trustpilot's Unicom review site is financed by Unicom Telecom and  88% of the reviews are positive glowing comments

This ‘Review Centre’ Unicom review site is NOT financed by Unicom  and 88% of the reviews are negative critical comments

Now couple this information with a simple Google search of "Unicom Complaints" and the Review Centre website becomes more believable than Trustpilot.  The only difference between Trustpilot and Reviewcentre is that Unicom pay Trustpilot to control the content.


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    1. Nice going. We need more like you who have time and ability to do the research needed for these scammers.

    2. Nice going. We need more like you who have time and ability to do the research needed for these scammers.

  2. Thanks - I have suspected this to be true too.

  3. Yup. They're completely un-trustworthy, and happy to remove negative reviews for paying companies.

    I had an extremely negative experience with a company called Polimil Ltd (see here for the full story:

    I posted a short description of what happened on Trust Pilot, and before long it disappeared. As did several other reviews of that same company. Including one from another customer that had received a similar ranting reply from the company in question.

    My original review of this company on Trust Pilot was quoted in full (without naming the company) in a later review I posted of Trust Pilot themselves. So people can see the type of valid review they suppress. We'll see whether 'Trust' Pilot finds a way to rationalise removing my review of themselves in due course. For now, my review is visible in my list of reviews:

    I doubt I'll be using Trust Pilot again, even if I have something positive to say about another company. As I'd only be lending the illusion of legitimacy to a corrupt system.

  4. I'd been treated hideously by Unicom and left a critical, though truthful review on trustpilot. Of course, it's been removed.

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  6. I also left a critical review of Unicom on Trustpilot and it was removed. I have since left Unicom. I will never believe anything trustpilot says

  7. I totally agree... there are 2000+ customers having real issues with Wren Kitchens (me being one of them). Everytime a review is left (honest review of what happens), the review gets pulled down or reported for breach of Trustpilots policies. Yet... they also seem to have an influx of people posting positive reviews from all over the world and for kitchens supposedly purchased years ago (against the policy as they say you can only review up to 12 months after purchase).... People are loosing thousands and yet it still looks like a good company.... how is that legal or even possible in this day and age!?!?!?

  8. Something similar just happened with me. I made some complaints about on Trustpilot and now its been flagged by the company and removed. Definitely trustpilot works for money from this companies.

  9. Trustpilot is as untrustworthy as anything, they are bought and paid for, the company will reply, they will admit the issues and the review is taken down then, leaving a company with issues with splendid reviews, totally fraudulent

  10. Thanks for the heads up. I was very suspicious, now I know Trust Pilot reviews can't be relied on.


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