Monday, 1 September 2014

Do you feel alone?

When you come across a what you think to be a Company from Hell and your back is against the wall you will often feel isolated and alone, more so if you have a look around at some of the business review sites and you note that the excellent/good reviews out weigh the bad reviews by a long way.  This can often add to your insecurity, well actually this can be turned into a positive, more so if you realise that many of poorer quality suppliers actually pay professional to write reviews and post them with 5 Stars or high ratings.

The Write a Review industry is massive and growing all the time and these professional will charge anything from £9.00/Review, they can even post multiple reviews for a single company using different IP and E-mail Addresses.  So in a nutshell I would take what you read on Review Sites with a pinch of salt.

If I have a problem with a company my starting place for more realistic reports are Consumer Forums and then search for the company by name some worth a mention in the UK are: -

The Consumer Action Group
A good general all round forum.

Money Saving Expert
This is Martin Lewis's website which is just full of all sorts useful information.

This one is company specific support group but is also full of links

UK Business Forums
A good general all round forum for businesses.

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