Friday, 5 September 2014

What to watch out for in a "Company from Hell"

One key attributes of a Company from Hell is the way they work in securing your business, what you have to remember is that they keep their tele-sales staff on a tight leash and probably pay them low or no wages but high commissions on completed sales.  To try to attain high sales thy (Company from Hell) train their tele-sales staff rigorously and arm them in the art of: -

  1. High pressure bullying/sales tactics.
  2. How to passively lie.
  3. To only record certain parts of the call.
  4. To talk very quickly over certain parts of the script
 Even rep's who visit you are trained in some these tactics, but they don't tend to record the conversation so their skills are altered slightly and they need to divert your eyes away from certain parts of the contract and normally close the sale with a "Press hard there's 3 copies" type statement.

Any company worth its salt would gladly let you have a contract to mull over before signing.

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